EPB machine available for sale

Since the original project has been put on hold indefinitely, SELI Technologies is able to offer an Earth Pressure Balance TBM, refurbished as new.


The machine, that includes all back-up structures and equipment, is available for sale or to be modified for existing projects.


The current machine specifications are the following:

  • Excavation diameter: 6.79 or 7.4 m  (two sets of shields and two cutterheads are available)
  • Cutterhead with scrapers or 17” cutter discs
  • 1600 kW Main drive: 6967 kNm working torque
  • Thrust system force: 50600 kN
  • Front articulation system force: 28200 kN
  • Rear articulation system force: 12200 kN
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4 bar