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SELI Technologies

In 2000 SELI management created an internal business unit (SELI Tecnologie) to deal exclusively with the manufacturing of the TBM and the related services. For 13 years SELI Tecnologie manufactured and/overhauled machines, initially to be used exclusively within SELI S.p.A. projects and later also to be sold to third parties in the international market. The first machines were all hard rock-type (double shield, universal double shield, compact double shield), but in the last years also EPB machines (Earth Pressure Balance, system adopted to excavate soil in urban contexts) entered in SELI Tecnologie’s portfolio. From 2010 to 2013 SELI S.p.A suffered the international conjuncture and was pushed to restructure its group to better face the new international scenario: it is therefore on October 2013 that the old SELI Tecnologie (just an internal business unit) became a new company SELI TECHNOLOGIES S.r.l. with the same staff and the same know-how of the mother company. Therefore, although SELI Technologies is recently born, there is no doubt about the experience and the capacity of the company to commit itself to whichever project of TBM construction and related services, as testified by the back log that follows.    

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